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This Article By Papal Confidentes Should Have Been Written 40 Years Ago

This should have been written 4 decades ago. Way too late to close this gate. The article is about Catholicism alliance with Christian Evangelicals and how dangerous it is that we are seeing a rise in American Christianity of xenophobia, bigotry, concept of America as “Promised land” and idea of a theoratic government. They compare this and Bannon’s apocalyptic Christianity to the rise of extremism in the MidEast.

Seriously could this not be seen in the 70s? When Southern Baptists and other American Evangelicals were joining with Catholics over abortion? Couldn’t they see it when the Catholic American Church stayed silent concerning the gutting of science? Sometimes I thought the only difference was Catholic church just had more rituals. The screeching from the pulpit over abortion was no different then the Evangelicals.


When in 2004 you saw Cardinals condemning Kerry over abortion knowing it would hurt the poor and seniors just to get Bush reelected you knew they were no different then the folks like Pat Robertson and Jimmy Swaggart they knewit was all about the money and competing to get the parishneers revved up for fetus so they could dip into their wallets. Screech the word “fetus” from the pulpit and its better then “give us money to support the church”.

Lesson raise your kids to be atheists or at least agnostic.

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