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This article! I relate to it so much!


Slightly edited copypasta of what I wrote to the awesome person who shared it on facebook:

So first off, I am so jealous her family actually renounced their citizenship and she just went on a visa, I bet she doesn't even how lucky she is. And yes, I've totally forgotten most of my Russian. If I hear some words I've forgotten, I can pull together what they mean, but until I hear it I can't come up with myself. During my many trips to the damn Russian consulate, I feel like I was slowly improving. The first visit I had no idea how to say "marriage certificate" in Russian and kept saying it in English. Then I heard someone say it and was like "oh ok." I also kept saying "I never had a Russian passport" in direct translation using a construction that I'm sure cannot be correct but I have no idea how else to convey that sentence.


When we finally go to Russia (when, not if, dammit), I'm worried about this. I keep hearing that they discriminate price-wise and otherwise against tourists; my hope would be that if mr. strange doesn't talk and I pretend he's deaf or something I could get us local prices, but I think they'll be on to me, my Russian is so broken. I can barely read it; when I go to Russian websites I use google translate. I CAN read it if pressed, but it takes so much effort I feel barely literate. It's kind of a bummer, really. I don't speak Russian to anyone anymore; I email my parents in English and talk on the phone in a mixture of Russian/english. When I call my grandmother it's kind of brutal to convey what I'm trying to say. So that's my experience.

I'm hoping to write a post later about my hilarious experiences trying to arrange travel to Russia, but my hands don't feel up to that much typing today.

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