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This Athletic Punk Move Has Been On Mind Since Early Yesterday Afternoon

We were at my fav grocery store. I first got a 16 ounce bottle (plastic) of Fat Free Chocolate Milk which I placed in top half of cart. I then headed towards the baker found nothing on clearance, so I walked to their pizza/ sandwich section.

I ended up getting their Hot Dog Meal 2 hot dogs grilled and each placed in a hot dog bun. Plus it came with frech fries. It was $2.99. I put it in top half of cart also.

So I walked to the cashier whose station is attached to cafeteria. I paid. Placed food back on top half of cart.


I then entered cafeteria and put my food on table then walked over for ketchup, mustard and relish.

I then sat to eat. The tv usually on CNN was on ESPN. It had bowling on. Seriously what is it with early Sunday afternoons and bowling with this channel.

There was a match between two men. It was in the early stages. Man A was up how first rolled a strike. Then the pins were put back in place and he hit 8 pins. Then his last roll he did such a punk move. He should have been penalized for unsportmanlike behavior. I thought “deduct him 20 points”. He rolled the ball as soon as the ball left his hand he turned around and walked away.

His attitude was one of.”of course I can do this”. You don’t see field goal kickers kick the ball then as soon as their foot touches the ball turn around and leave. You don’t see MLB pitchers throw the ball then as soon as the ball is out of their hand wander back to the dugout. They stay on the field of play until play is over.


There is showing confidence and being a punk about it. Having confidence also means having humility. A pitcher stays until the end of the play seeing their results be revealed. Punking off you leaving believing the results will be in your favor and leavng before the end of the play. Once the pins went down was the time to leave the lane.

God I am channeling Lou Grant.

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