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This ball is sitting on a ball... [OT?]

Illustration for article titled This ball is sitting on a ball... [OT?]

... with an ice pack tucked under her belly.

Some weeks ago, colleagues asked me if I was eager to get the baby out. I said no, I want the baby to take his time to grow and come out when he’s ready. GUESS WHO NEEDS TO EAT HER WORDS NOW! I’m 38 weeks along now, and the stretch marks set in last week. That’s fine but it came with itchy little bumps that I think is something called PUPPP. In between feeling angry and sad (because I’ve had a relatively smooth pregnancy so far, so why the hell is my body rebelling against me rn), my belly is so stretched I’m almost afraid it will split open.


Hope things are better with you, GT. Feel free to spill out your guts here.

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