You guys, you’ll never believe it!

My Annoying Brother in Law got his butt fired. Shocking right? It’s amazing that it is only April and he is halfway to his average of two firings a year.

We’re not exactly clear as to what happened, as his story at least as OBiL related it to me doesn’t make sense. He claims that an RN was delegating work to him that was outside his job description and that because he bragged about it, management found out. Then there is something about him only being a contract employee, and the contracts of this type were all supposed to be finished now....Never mind he only started the job like last month.

This was the Emergency Room job that he loves. He still has the job at Oakville hospital that he hates. Jezzies in southern Ontario, ponder this commute: Waterloo to Oakville hospital,,which is practically on the Mississauga border. There is no way to get there in a reasonable amount of time at rush hour without using the 407.