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This cannot be reality

So SNL did a Trump sketch tonight. As usual. Less usual - the fucking president-elect actually tweeted about it.

Are you fucking kidding me. You thin-skinned spoiled brat.

At least the comments to his tweet were making America great.


That was cathartic. Of course next comment string was from one of this ‘fans.’ Proving yet again how completely FUCKING STUPID THEY ARE.

It’s all funny...from a really outside perspective. I’m kinda buzzed, and yet I can’t laugh at this. Look at this. Some asshole literally whines about ‘leftist elites feel so safe in your ivory towers.’ REALLY. Thank fuck for the reply ‘Donald Trump lives in a golden tower with his own name on it.’ But of course...it’s been 8 seconds so the Trumper can’t remember what they were talking about and can only respond to the current words. And so it glitches back to its ‘defend the rich at all costs’ mode.


I cannot believe this is our country. I sooo want to call that Trumper a bot or a Russian paid troll. But I don’t know. I can believe there are people just that stupid in our country. What the fuck.

I think I am going to try and sleep now. Somehow.

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