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I've officially had a heart to heart with my landlady and told her I'm looking at apartments. She took it ok, though she did throw in a bit about wishing I'd just live here forever. So at least apartment hunting will be slightly less stressful now that I'm not sneaking around to do it. Now comes the fun part/part that sucks:

  • I have a dog, he's like a cat but he's officially a dog. So that shrinks my pool of places down to 1/3 of my options.
  • My credit sucks, thanks to being a decade+ long college dropout (ironically due to how expensive college is).
  • I've been living alone for the past 5 years, so unless I find a friend who wants to move with me I'm dubious about roommates. I'm also at the age where almost all of my friends are married or shacked up which leaves that group down to maybe 3 people.
  • Apparently I'd have to settle for living in a garbage heap 50 miles from work if I want to find a place within my price range.

In short, apartment hunting sucks. Saw two places today - one is cute, but no air conditioning and I turn into a puddle in the slightest heat. The other is... not great, but it's 10 minutes from work. I'm seeing an old friend for dinner next week and I'm going to pop the roommate question when we hang out. We'll see how that goes!

What is the point of this post? Housing is hard to come by?

p.s. thanks for all the birthday wishes in my birthday hangup post (and my Halloween edition appearance in the daily dump!) The fella and I had a lovely dinner at the fancy restaurant. He bought me a shiny new Kindle Fire, because he knows I love looking things up and wanted a new kitchen computer. Much better than traditional Halloween shenanigans!


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