As everyone knows 2 12 year old girls stabbed their friend (not fatally) 19 times because of their obsession with a fictional character Slenderman. I never heard of him before last night. I recalled in the 70s a friend with mental illness (I was in grade school and didn't understand mental illness we thought he was weird) who was always in the emergency room because of his obsession with Evel Kneivel. He would do stunts like jumping over trash barrels with his bike or skate board. In retrospect why his parents let him have either seemed like a mistake. He was institutionalized as a teen for putting his 10 year old brother in the hospital (he beat him).

Now we have these girls. Maybe Slenderman is an excuse and I know parents can't watch their kids 24/7 but if you think your child has mental illness shouldn't anything that could make it worse be avoided. When one of the stabbers said SM watches her there should have been other signs she had mental illness. Of course should kids be on the internet without their parents in the room? Which is another discussion.

Last night on Jane Valez Mitchell's show a guest compared SM to Jason and Freddy Kruger, well I can't recall a stabbing relating to them. Internet is far more intimate then movies ever were. Gotta google this SM.


I am just confused and very disturbed by this case.