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This Comment From A Review of Iron Man 3 Will Blow Your Mind

This is a commenter's reaction to the LATimes review of Iron Man 3. I cannot stop laughing:

I stopped watching the Ironman series when it became apparent that the movie was constantly trying to force us to believe that "gifted" women (they merely push buttons on a tablet created by men) with small breasts are super-sexy. They are not.

And here we go again in Ironman 3.

Sorry, not buying it. Real billionaires like "Tony Stark" prefer women with ample breasts and unchallenging demeanors.

Yes, we get it: she has red hair, which is supposed to mean she is "smart". She has a small chest but shows it off like she's Dolly Parton (we're *supposed* to drool merely because they tell us so).

Nope. Get back to the blood and guts and bring back the buxom babes that ALL men prefer. Enough with the social engineering obviously designed to appease feminists who grew up hating the prettier girls.


Yes, Hollywood! Stop forcing your unattractive, flat-chested, unsexy women down everyone's throats!

We get it, "red hair is supposed to mean smart" in movies, apparently!

(She looks so smart.)


Because one thing Hollywood action movies lack is women with giant boobs! Michael Bay, I'm looking at you! Get your act together, man!

Enough is enough, Zach Snyder! Where are the buxom babes!!!??!

"Real Billionaires" prefer women with "ample breasts" and "unchallenging demeanors"


Melinda Gates, wife of real billionaire Bill Gates. Please,Hollywood, note her giant boobs. Please, look at her unchallenging demeanor. Try to get it right, OK?


And a commenter punningly named after a female Supreme Court Justice agrees! From RuthSlayderGinsburg:

Check out the jugs on Carlos Slim's wife! Whoo-boy!


And Amancio Ortega's wife looks NOTHING like Pepper Potts, it's true:


Whoa and check this out! So hot!

Susan Buffet was one stacked momma:


Liz Koch, Charles Koch's wife, looking unchallenging:


And I don't know that Liliane Bettencourt wants in a wife, but I'm sure she's thumbing through Playboy with a red felt pen.

Wow, this guy is DEFINITELY the definitive authority on what billionaires want when it comes to women. Stupid feminists and their iron grip on Hollywood!


Happy Friday!

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