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This Commercial Bothers Me, and Here's Why

Lately, in my television watching odyssey, I stumbled upon this gem:

So, the Pop-tart is a "groupie" because she expresses excitement and joy at the possibility of meeting her favorite band. Ok, fine. Sometimes girls or women really want to sleep with people whose music they like, and that's dandy. But the insinuation that a girl or woman who wants to meet or even have sex with their favorite stars deserve to be tortured, and that's cool, because after all, they're so "easy," is a pretty disturbing message. Hell, even using outright trickery is ok! The slut was asking for it!


To the people who think I'm overthinking this, let me ask you: if they didn't want their audience to make this comparison, why did they call the Pop-tart a "groupie"? They could have used a less sexually-charged word, such as "fan"? But nope, they used "groupie."

I have nothing against Pop-tarts. They are damned delicious, especially the cherry ones with frosting on them. But I have no idea why they would think this disgusting commercial, feeding into rape culture, was a bright idea.

ETA- The dinosaur guy's chuckle at the end and assertion that "groupies are easy" is chilling.

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