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This commercial is weirding me the fuck out.

It's for Old Navy jeans, and it takes place at an airport. A hot chick (of course) wearing hot jeans walks through a metal detector, and a TSA agent flags her over. The TSA agent freaks out over the jeans in a creepy way, asks the hot chick where she got her jeans, and then everyone in the airport runs for the door, presumably to go to Old Navy.

The way the TSA agent acts around the woman is completely obnoxious, and the way that the agent gets all up in the lady's grill bothers me on a deep level as a person with a lot of personal space issues. I guess the only positive thing about this ad is the crazy TSA agent isn't played by a man, which would make the interaction into a weird sexual thing. Nonetheless, there is still a component of unwanted attention and violation of personal space that women experience every day. Maybe I'm just overreacting, but I really hate this commercial.


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