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This computer is going to be the death of me

Mom's laptop. I'm going to throw it out the window.

My laptop...died...for lack of a better term about a month ago. The computer itself is ok, but something went awry with the screen connection and the screen doesn't work. At this point the screen is barely attached so I just left it to die peacefully. Consort is going to yank the hard drive from it soon so I can get all my shit off.

So I started using mom's laptop, as she doesn't really use it much. But holy shit this thing is a mess. It's unbelievably slow, it has problems connecting to the internet (which is completely fine), it's insanely cluttered, and the speakers are shot for some reason. So finally tonight I was like ok, let me try and do something with this. So I start going through programs and uninstalling shit and whatnot to try and clean the thing up, with Consort helping me via Facebook.


I got it to be better for about 3.4 minutes. Then...back to shit. Back to freezing and being slow and GAH. This fucking thing. It's not even that old. Maybe 3 years? It's running Windows 7. It should not be this fucked up.

I do have a desktop, which is awesome, but it's in my room which mom is currently sleeping in. Since she's a super light sleeper, like I am, the light from the monitor is enough to wake her, so I try to avoid using the desktop while she's asleep unless I have to (like for schoolwork and such). Since I'm not getting my own room for another few months at least, I'm gonna get a new laptop in January. I want a Mac but...broke. So we'll see.

For now I'll just have to not throw this thing out the window. I have no clue what my mom did to it to fuck it up so much.

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