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I'm having weird vagina issues.

My last period was about the second week of June. I had very little PMS symptoms, which is kind of unusual, but not very. My period was weird. It's usually very heavy the first two days, like, wearing a super plus tampon and changing every hour or two, and it's very obvious to know I started. This one was different. It was on time, but it was very light. It was more then spotting, but I probably could have used a light day tampon and changed it on a regular basis. I didn't even need anything at night. It lasted a normal amount of time, but the first two days were like that, and then the next three or four days was that gross thick, chunky, brown goop that a panty liner would have covered me all day. SUPER WEIRD AND NOT NORMAL.

I used to have really short periods, but they were really heavy for two days and then on day three or four it would be that goopy stuff and then I'd be done.


Anyways, since then, my discharge has been weird. It's not a weird color or smell, but it seems to be more frequent and more... mucousy? The past week I went pee and a bunch of it was hanging out of my vagina like snot. It was really gross and I'm sorry I had to share that with you.

None of the things that have been happening are like, BIG HUGE OBVIOUS red flags that something is wrong, but it's not typically normal for me. I'm thinking maybe it's just a weird period and maybe a yeast infection, but I've never had a yeast infection and from what I hear, there is usually itching or burning, thick, cheesy, off smelling discharge and I haven't had any of that. So, should I make an appointment with my gynecologist and have her check my shit out and make sure everything is fine or should I just wait it out and see what happens? I mean, I should probably make an appointment anyways because I haven't been in two years, but say this happens again in the future and I need to know even though I've been to see the doctor for regular lady maintenance, I need to know whether I should call her up and figure shit out.

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