Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I got a sample of Argon Milk at Sephora, which I have to admit I really liked. It kept my face really moisturized, without feeling greasy. I use the oil-cleansing method on my face, so an oil-based moisturizer is a perfect fit. However, the full bottle is $70 for a single ounce. What to do?

I looked at the ingredients, and saw that it is essentially water, argon oil, and emulsifiers. Then, I looked up how to emulsify oil and water, and found a site that gave instructions on how to do so to create your own cosmetics. I found a different site that sold the emulsifiers as well as various oils, bought what I needed, and am now anxiously awaiting the mail.


It this works, for $40 I'll have made a similar product for a quarter the price (I should end up with at least two ounces). If it fails, well, I wasted $40 and may burn off my face.

Here's hoping!

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