So today, Trump let Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh push him to refuse to sign the budget bill that the Senate passed last night unless they added five billion for his “artistic steel slat wall”. A bunch of senators have already left town for the holiday—and the house is saying they are going to change what the Senate did and send it back to them.

THEN the house had the DHS head in and ripped her a new one on camera—

Then Trump had an emergency meeting with McCarthy and Ryan who are now saying they are going to pass this WITH the wall.

Then—-they didn’t like the outcome of the DOJ ethics people who said Whittaker should recuse himself over the Mueller investigation—so they appointed some different people who said it’s FINE that he supervise the investigation.


Also—Trump signed the farm bill which has a bill attached so that now states cannot override a work requirement for “able bodied” people getting SNAP benefits.


Mattis announces his retirement.


Now the White House is all upset because this may impact Trump Christmasing at Mar a Lago.


Does he think we still don’t know he’s the target of SEVENTEEN INVESTIGATIONS???????

Cable news is shitting it’s pants.

Oh and the stock market is plunging.


Oh yes and there are rumors that Trump is also planning to pull the troops out of Afghanistan.

MSNBC people openly discussing whether there are enough cabinet members left to pull off the 25th amendment.

Updating—-the house just passed it—now it’s back in McConnell’s hands.


Chuck and Nancy on tv right now warning how dangerous this is.