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This Day in History

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Good morning GT!

Today marks the 50th anniversary of New York’s first Gay Pride March, which was held on the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots from the year before. It will be virtual this year; no mass gatherings.


This contrasts to last year. Unbeknownst to me every two years a city is chosen to host World Pride Day. Last year was New York’s turn, because Stonewall. The next one is going to be Copenhagen in 2021.

According to infallible wiki, 150,000 registered to march and credible crowd estimates are around 5 million. To put this in perspective, the entire population of Manhattan is 1.6 million and the city as a whole is 8.5 million.


I was at last year’s and it was actually a really unpleasant experience. The parade route was short and the police barriers were deployed and rigidly enforced, so those 5 million were “kettled” (I don’t know if that’s a NYC-specific crowd control term) into a few blocks. I’ve never seen, let alone been in the middle of, so much humanity. It was also a very hot and sunny day.

But I have no regrets. It’s best to live life with as few as possible. 

So, what is up with all of you today?

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