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Welcome To The Bitchery

I'm on a mailing list for a volunteer group that I used to be more involved with and I stay subscribed because I like to think I'd get involved again at some point in the future. An event date got changed, and so the leader emailed saying that the date had been changed to This Sunday June 8. Someone replied, correcting them that it was actually Next Sunday June 8. Someone else responded saying that no, the Leader was right, it was This Sunday June 8. The original Someone responded back, saying that This Sunday was June 1. The leader finally wrote back "Looking forward to seeing everyone on June 8."

So, besides the fact that the first person was a total schmuck for even bothering to correct this, I'm curious if anyone has any rules for this. I imagine there's probably no consensus, but I do have my own rules.


Today is June 4 2014. To me:

June 8 is This Sunday

June 15 is Next Sunday

June 1 is This Past Sunday

I feel like I've used these like this before and people have gotten my gist, or if they weren't sure would just ask me for specifics. But I'm certainly no grand arbiter of referential date indicators, so am curious how others think about this.

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