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I managed to give myself two panic attacks today. First one was over a job offer, which, in theory, I should be elated for. I only applied in the first place because I knew my mom would lose her shit if I didn't (she brought home a copy of the job bulletin). The job would technically make me a "peace officer," and I'm kind of weirded out by that cause I might have to carry a gun or something (and there is some sort to 2 month training thing that has a physical component to it. And I haven't been "in shape" one damn day of my life). And there is a med/psych eval that I am worried about (history of anxiety and depression). And I have to give references. And I don't have enough of them because I am a misanthrope. And there will be a polygraph. *hyperventilates*

The second panic attack happened because of my boss's jackass ex boyfriend, who decided to show up at the office unannounced. Who I let into the office because I had never actually seen the guy before (I'd only heard tales of his jackassery). He was only in the office for like five minutes, but it was enough to terrify us both, and make me call the local courthouse to try and find out how to file a restraining order.


This is me right now


Also, I have an eczema patch, on my butt. Yeeeep, my butt. And the insides of my thighs. Sitting down is SO FUCKING ITCHY you guys.


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