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So Buster is crazy smart, kind of frighteningly so. He taught himself to use the litterbox, back when I still had kitties. I’ve yet to find a bathroom garbage latch that he can’t get through. He figured out he could get into the blocked-off living room by pushing the books through in my backless bookshelf, and when I blocked it with a heavy grandfather clock, he moved the clock (he’s 14 lbs! I don’t know how he did it).

In some ways, this works out very well for me. After he was attacked last week, I had to apply a warm compress to his bites several times a day. It hurt him a lot for the first few days — he’d cry at first every time I applied it — but when he saw me with the wash cloth, he’d climb on my lap and roll on his back so I could get to the bites. When he saw me with his pills, he’d climb on my lap, lean his head back, and open his mouth.

But it also means keeping him out of places he needs to stay out of is nigh impossible. I have to block the dogs out of the living room when I’m not home, because Sophie pees on the carpet and Buster barks nonstop out the front window. The living room is completely open, so I had to set up a line of bookcases and shelves to close it off, with a latch pressure gate. Unfortunately, the bookcases and shelves seem to have shifted just enough that the gate doesn’t latch hard anymore, and Buster can push it open. I blocked it with something heavy so he couldn’t push it, and he promptly figured out that he could pull it open. So I got a bunch of bungee cords to tie the gate shut. I used like 7 of them. I got home tonight, and Buster had untied all of them. HOW IS HE SO SMART OMG?


Thankfully he was wearing the vibration collar and that seems to have kept him quiet (at least, I didn’t get any complaints). And I can keep him out if I do a large stack of very heavy things on both sides of the gate before I leave every morning — it’s crazy time-consuming on both ends and it’s killing my back, but at least it works. So the situation is not critical, but holy god. Too smart for his own damned good!

In other Buster news, he’s still healing nicely, though he’s probably stuck in the cone for at least another week (I tried to take it off over the weekend and he promptly licked the scab off the worst bite — not so smart when it comes to injuries, apparently). We finally finished with his drugs today, which I am very happy about.

On a semi-related note, the woman fostering the little guy I found a few weeks ago sent me a picture — she said he’s really bonded with her. Look how happy he is!

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