As you know, awesome Senator Wendy Davis is filibustering what is literally the shittiest anti-woman bill of all time. People from all over Texas, and the rest of the country, (including famous stars) have taken to Twitter as well to voice support for Davis' filibuster. It's a beautiful social action.

Which is obviously totes the time to promote your crazy crap on Twitter.

First off. America's Baby (albeit completely hilarious and total comedic genius) is a fucking fake parody of a celebrity baby. What exactly do you think is going to happen here, spammy iPad giveaway people? Do you really think in the midst of a social justice movement, some @WendyDavisTexas ardent supporter is going to go "Oh gee, I really could use a new iPad. I mean the kids are always bugging me to borrow mine..."

AND WHO EXACTLY WOULD DO THAT? "OMG woman's rights violations sooooo brutal—oh cool free iPad!!!! Awesome. BRB gotta get me some swag."

Anyway, carry on. Don't forget to tweet @WendyDavisTexas your message of support.