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"Dr. Gordon believes the first shot shouldn't be given until the child is at least three years old, but admits he has no scientific evidence to support his belief.

"I have no evidence based medicine, there's no research saying that," said Gordon. "I have anecdotal data that has told me that. Anecdotal data does not stand up to public scrutiny. It's easy to attack. I have had, as I've said, many parents tell me that their child has been harmed by the MMR."

Oh well, if parents are telling you, the medical professional, that their child was harmed by the vaccine, of course you should just chuck everything you learned in school and go with their recall-bias riddled anecdotal "evidence". Makes perfect sense.



Oh yes, and there is also this turd, which I missed on my first read through:

"In general, Dr. Gordon thinks the value of vaccines has been overstated.

"I think there are some diseases that have decreased in volume because of good hygiene and good health," said Dr. Gordon."

Really Doctor Gordon? Care to explain the eradication of rinderpest then? Rinderpest is a cattle disease, very closely related to measles (to the point that there is debate as to whether measles originated as rinderpest) that basically gave whole herds of cattle diarrhea before killing them all a few days later. Rinderpest was endemic in parts of Africa, and was the second disease ever declared eradicated. Now, no one was going around treating drinking water for all the cattle in Africa. What they did do was engage in a large scale vaccination program for cattle.

Don't like that one? How about the massive success that the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources have had with their aerial bait vaccination program for rabies? Before the campaign, Ontario had the highest rate of fox rabies in North America. Now there are only a handful of cases a year. Likewise, the Rabies Control Unit had remarkable success in halting the spread of raccoon rabies into Ontario from New York State with a trap, vaccinate, release program. Neither case can be attributed to improved hygiene for wild animals.


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