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This Evening Did NOT Go As Planned

I had * planned * on spending my evening starting to go through the emails from everyone who signed up for the GT Gift Swap today, butttt then I found a flea on the dog. AND I think I broke my big toe.

I was sitting on the bed after getting dressed to say a quick goodbye to my doggie when I saw something scurry across the fur on her snout. FUCKING FLEAS. I sat her down for the next half hour picking her over and could only find (and kill!) one more flea. I am not a fan of chemical or pesticide treatments/collars for fleas, so we are treating with Neem Oil shampoo. We had huge success treating our previous Boston's mange with it, and it's great for fleas too. Mr. L and I just finished scrubbing her down with the Neem Oil shampoo from Botanical Dog. It's great stuff! Did my best to towel dry her, but she didn't sit long for that haha She's currently running crazy laps around the apartment like a rabid dog trying to air dry because she isn't allowed on our bed till she's dry!

Yesterday I somehow managed to really mess up my big toe while biking in my crocs (yes, I wear crocs!). I put my foot down while slowing down to a stop and somehow dragged it funny and bent my toe all weird. It hurts like hell to put pressure on it or walk, but luckily it isn't all bent weird or screwy, so I'm just resting it, icing it, and after some googling, taping it to my extra long second toe for support . Finally this stupidly long toe is useful for something.


Apologies to my kindred foot spirit Paradoxymoron for the foot related post! Oh and FYI Ubertrout - It is so NOT cool to foot-torture people!!!

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