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I don’t know why I’m like almost shocked since their nailpolish is $50 each, but Christian Louboutin sells $90 lipstick. Like yeah, you’re paying for the brand and for the hella awesome packaging, but $90 is fucking STEEP. I will maybe one day in the distant future buy ~$40 lipstick at the most (I’m looking at you, future YSL Rouge Volupte collection), but $90 kills me. Like, imagine losing a $90 lipstick. You might as well just buy it because you want it in a collection, not because you’ll actually be using it out and about. But I guess on the plus side, for people who want to splurge on a name brand but can’t afford his shoes or clothes or whatever, you can buy his makeup and still feel like you have a luxury item? I don’t know. But who am I kidding? I can’t even make myself splurge on $15-$20 lipstick.

PS: The lipstick is the dangling “beads” on the necklace.


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