My house is a fucking landmine right now. My uncle came over to yesterday to help with some computer problems my mother wanted to solve.My uncle is a bit long winded when it comes to explaining problems, and my mother is impatient and really nervous about her trip. It is taking my uncle a long time to do the things that my mother wants to get done (set up remote access between her computer and her laptop so that she can log in from Africa among one of those things), and a few moments ago they have started screaming at each other. Accusations have been made and tears were shed (mainly from my mother), but somehow they are at a point where they are back to working on this project. I was sleeping before they started yelling and came down to check on my mother once things started to simmer down. She is putting on a calm face, but I can tell that she's still a bit hurt from their exchange. The reason for her hiding her true feelings on the situation is because my uncle is not very receptive to criticism and is already irritated by the criticism that my mother has shared previously. In his defense, my mother can indeed be critical and express her criticisms at inopportune times. Still, as it stands, I worry that another fight will break out.

See, as a child, my mother and father would have similar fights where they yell at each other and exchange really hurtful words. This often happened while the family was in the car, and I could only sit powerlessly as they fought. This argument between my mother and uncle brought back memories of my parents fighting, and has stirred up quite a bit of anxiety. It was a relief for me when my parents finally divorced because I could plainly see two people who were not working well together. I am seeing the same thing now and I really can't wait until things get done so that they can go their separate ways and hopefully try not to work on something like this because they do not have the right personalities to do it. My uncle wants to be in control and go at his own pace(often in a disorganized fashion). My mother also wants to be in control, but is very cautious and by-the-book. When two people who want to be in control work on a project, you get clashes like this.

Sadly, like the times I was a young girl stuck in the car during an argument, there is very little I can do. I don't know enough about computers to take over the project, and I haven't researched as much as my mother has to know what she needs done. In fact, I'd probably be in my mother's situation were I to take over, so taking over wouldn't change a thing.This is very frustrating and I feel really useless. The most I've done is keep an eye on my mother and give her comfort and support. I can't give my uncle exactly what I want, so I'm just giving him his space and not saying anything negative in the situation.

Long story short:I need cat gifs, distracting websites, and anything good and soothing because I feel awful.