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This Gawker Call-Out has kind-of blown my mind

because it made me realize it's not ok for your employer to let customers harass you.

At every restaurant job I've worked I've been cussed at, yelled at, hit on/inappropriately touched, and otherwise made to feel unsafe by customers (and sometimes fellow staff). Many of these times I've been forced to deal with it on my own because my managers couldn't be bothered to intervene themselves, and several times I have reported horrible behavior to my managers and they've told me to laugh it off as occupational hazard. This is part of the reason my morale drops and I fantasize about punching people in the face, flipping tables, and tearing out of work as often as I do. The bouncers at work are sweethearts- they're big, intimidating-looking sweethearts- but I've only seen them throw out one or two customers in my almost three years on the job. The manager doesn't throw people out at all.


I seriously had no idea this kind of behavior was acceptable, and I had no idea I could sue if my employer refuses to protect me.

Right now I'm embroiled in another legal thing so I don't have the time or energy to pursue that separately, but I want all of you in a service job to know that it is your right to work in a harassment free environment and that part of your bosses job is to make that happen. You have the right to refuse service. You have the right to call them out.

We may be service people, but we are not slaves.

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