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I going to sound like a bratty little bitch, but I don't even care. My former roommate's girlfriend, we'll them Wayne and Dolores, is driving me crazy. I fucking hate her. She constantly yells at him and expects him to support her (by taking her out to dinner EVERY NIGHT because she doesn't make any money with her "art"). They break up and she texts him pictures of her hooking up with other dudes so he'll come back. She's manipulative and controlling, and not even my other former roommate, his brother who we'll call Jeff, can stand being around him anymore because SHE'S ALWAYS THERE.

This has all come to a head because Jeff is getting married to his lovely fiance Jane in October. Guess who's a bridesmaid and who isn't? Dolores has been whining to Wayne to tell Jane to make her a bridesmaid and INVITE HER TO THE WEDDING. Jane hates her, but we all know that Wayne is going to bring her anyway.

Also, she keeps doing this thing where whatever hair color I have, she has 2 days later. Black hair with a blonde streak in the front? Check. I went blonde last week, and guess who's a blonde now? I know I sound like I'm 12 and that people dye their hair all the time, but SHE KEEPS DOING THE SAME THING AS ME AND THEN IS LIKE "HEY, WE'RE LIKE TWINSIES!" Yeah, maybe if I used bisquick as foundation.


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