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This goddam cat

First of all, if anyone’s interested in what a recently partially shaved (and, yes, cough, cough, partially amputated) tail looks like when a cat’s scared, here ya go:

Second of all, if anyone was worried about how Buster’s been feeling, he’s be running around, haranguing his brother all day and just being a general butt.


He gets time outs when he’s mean to Boo and today, this lil mofo jumped on Boo, looked at me, then walked his own little happy ass into the bathroom (where he takes his time outs) and looked at me like, Worth it. HE PUT HIMSELF IN TIME OUT, Y’ALL.

It’s a good thing he’s cute.

Oh, and if you’re at all concerned about why his tail was poofed out, it’s because he scared himself, running into the office and knocking into a shelf.


As I say to Homey, multiple times a day, What am I gonna do with these boys?

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