Last April (or somewhere around that time) I started talking to a guy from OkCupid, we'll call him RJ. The first time we started texting things were going alright until we started having different views on a particular subject. Anyway, things got awkward but the next day I told him I was sorry for being rude. We continued talking for maybe 2 weeks or something I can't remember. At some point we were supposed to meet and it didn't happen and I just wasn't feeling our conversations and he was being an ass and saying things like "Well I can tell things bother you easily" from the ONE time we interacted on the phone. I could tell he was an ass and I just wasn't gonna put up with that.

Fast forward to maybe October or November and he reaches out to me again on OkC and I am curious why he would message me if I ended things months earlier. I don't know if I was bored or feeling lonely or what but I decided to give in and message back. We did ok with talking and I figured we could at least be friends. Nope. We went on a lunch date which went ok but he is still condescending and belittling in a weird subtle manner...It sounds weird but trust me if you were there you could tell he was. I continue to talk to him but I ask one day why he doesn't seem to engage more through text and he got defensive and attacked me about how I don't do much to engage either and for someone who is going to be a psychologist I don't do this and that blah blah blah. I don't remember what he said exactly but he was being a douchebag again. I just texted back "Ok" and never texted him again.

Tell me why he messaged me Happy New Year and just messaged me again on OkC saying "Hey". I had another guy do this to me after one date and I never texted him again because he was 30 minutes late to our date and made up a nickname for me and kept calling me said nickname when I told him not to repeatedly. Why the fuck do I want to talk to you if you are a douchebag? I often wonder what goes on in these guys' heads.

I want to respond to him but I don't want to feed the troll. He is a troll in my dating life lol...I need to just block him but I forgot to the last time he messaged me 'cause I was dating ex-Hopeful so I wasn't looking at OkC much.