You guys... seriously, this is so disgusting and gross that it is weighing on me and I need to share it and metaphorically cleanse myself (don't worry, I already literally cleansed myself heavily). It is HAUNTING ME.

So... I think there is something wrong with my toilet. I'm a fairly dainty person, but for some reason it has gotten clogged twice in the last two weeks after never having been clogged before ever.

This weekend it got clogged and it got clogged when there was uhm, stuff in it. (By stuff, I mean, poop. A good sized turd. I eat bran flakes every day, people). Usually I have an iron clad stomach, smells, etc do not bother me at all. I have cleaned up sewage spills before.

But there I am, sitting there trying to plunge this toilet and it is not going well. Everything is breaking up into little pieces and it smells SO horribly and oh god it won't stop and all of a sudden the smell starts making me gag. And I force myself to keep going and plunging and just get it over with, but I keep gagging at how gross it is and all of a sudden the gagging goes too far and I actually turn and vomit into the sink next to the toilet.

Except of course its a sink. It has one of those little circle stoppers you pull up and down that nothing can get underneath, especially say, chunks of vomit. So it doesn't drain. And did I mention... it's a raised sink? A clear glass sink that sits as a bowl on top of the counter? So that as I continue to try to plunge and not vomit any more my face is like one foot away from a glass bowl full of my vomit?


I am DYING. I start swearing and going as hard as I can at the toilet, not trying to not spray it all over at this point any more, but just plunging the hell out of it (operative word: hell). Finally, it goes. And all I'm left with is having to turn and figure out how to scrape vomit out of the sink. I dont want to scoop it out and flush it down the toilet since it will clog again, so I fucking just Hulk it and put my hand in and rip the little circle stopper out of there and break it so I can wash it all down the sink tube and hope that doesn't back up on me later.

Then there is still the sewage water spray from the toilet to wipe up, and then myself to clean because I am fucking nasty and I want to die.


Thank you for listening to this. Please don't think of me any differently. I am not a disgusting person - I'm not!!! Please also give me advice if anyone has ever tried to baking soda/vinegar a toilet. I feel like I need to be more proactive moving forward.

Thank you. I am still very upset by all of this. Please send gif(t)s.