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Somebody in a Facebook group I'm part of just shared this link that is obviously an attempt at humor/satire that missed the mark. But, so many people in the group are arguing that Point #1 "They don't teach math or spelling at Hogwarts, so everyone that graduates can summon dragons, but can't read." is stupid because "Who doesn't already know how to read at 11? That is Middle School/Junior High/Secondary School level" and "And we all know that you'll never use Algebra again, so why bother teaching it?"

I know it is such a stupid thing, but it really, really bothers me that while these kids learn magic, so much of their education ends at 11. I mean "magic" explains away a lot need for science classes. But, they need other stuff too. Sure, lots of people don't use algebra everyday (or at least in a way they notice. Ever tried to figure out which unit price is cheaper at the grocery store...that's algebra. How long will it take you to get where you are going based on your current speed...algebra). But, surely there is some wizarding equivalent of engineers, are they just SOL? I mean, even if they don't use algebra specifically, surely there is some sort of math that some wizards use, arithmacy doesn't count.

And yeah, reading is an important skill. But, there is so much more to reading than just being able to understand the words on the page. These kids had to write rolls and rolls and rolls of parchment, without some kind of English education, were they all written at a 6th grade level. Those poor professors! I know we didn't even really start to get into a lot of the differences between creative and technical writing until at least sometime late jr high or high school. And there is more to reading than just being able to read. Just things like symbolism, understanding satire, themes, etc. I mean, yeah, I know a lot of that stuff when I'm reading can go over my head, and I've been introduced to those ideas. I can't even imagine how much I'd miss if I'd never even been introduced to those ideas.


I mean logically, I know JK Rowling just didn't have time to add all that additional stuff to her books. It really isn't her fault there. But, I don't get the people that are all "Well, you've pretty much learned everything you need to know in school by the time you are 11".

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