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This has really interesting implications

A drug is being developed that helps prevent skin cancer by physically changing your skin to produce more melanin.


People who use it wouldn’t burn as easily, and would therefore have a lower risk of skin cancer and would even show fewer signs of aging. However, there are (obviously) a LOT of world-wide cultures that have stigmas against dark skin. Choosing to not take the drug and accept the higher risks would really say a lot about you. Dark skin would mean better health, but pale skin could be interpreted to mean that you have the resources to not need the dark skin, but could also just mean you’re prejudiced/racist. Class boundaries could be radically changed.

What do you think? I’m pale AF and have a tendency to grow moles, which means I’m at the highest risk of skin cancer and would take this in a second. However, it would be an adjustment to have my appearance change so radically.

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