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I'm moved out of my aunt's house, finally.

A friend of mine accompanied me, and we got all of my stuff cleared in about three hours. My aunt came home in the middle of it, and threw a big fit in the front yard. Yelling, calling me names, etc. complaining about nothing in particular, really. She just kept claiming over and over again that I don't care care about her at all. Also, I'm ungrateful, I don't take care of her, I'm not good enough, I'm dirty, et cetera. If that's the case, you'd think she'd be happy that I'm leaving.

It sucks. I've been trying my best to not get sucked into my hurt feelings, or to fall victim to her guilt trip. The whole thing is just shitty and I hate it. I hate that she's apparently this sick. I didn't voice any of what I was feeling while she was having her temper tantrum because I figured the whole thing would escalate.


I'm pretty wiped out, so I'm crashing on my mom's couch tonight. She made me chili, and there's an rerun of parks and rec on. Maybe I'll take a bubble bath after it's over.

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