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This Introvert is Exhausted - Trying New Things

In addition to work (people) and working out (people), I went to THREE different events this week.

1. Political event supporting Pete for DNC chair. (The majority of people there were EXACTLY the “political” type of people who make my skin crawl. Strivers, networkers, self-important, eager/hungry young up-and-comers. Ugh. And it was overcrowded and hot.)

2. Local Resistance meeting where I got appointed/elected to head a sub-committee. Still trying to figure out how I let that happen. I may need to step down and volunteer for a different committee as I believe this one may be a conflict of interest with my job, and I would like to keep my job. Paychecks are a good thing.


3. Visited a museum with a first date. Nice. Not too crowded and enjoyed the fella quite a bit as well as the exhibits. Evidently I kept up my end of the banter well enough as he’s already asked to get together again.

I am proud of myself for getting out and getting involved, but I am freaking exhausted from the effort. What new things have you all done to stretch yourselves recently?

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