Not a humble one, just a brag. In preparation for Peru (LESS THAN THREE WEEKS AAAAAAAAARGH), I just sent an email ENTIRELY IN SPANISH to the person I will be staying with. No one where I am going speaks a word of English. And I’m getting paid to do this. And my Spanish... could be better (I’ve been doing duolingo and fluencia EVERY FREAKING DAY). But I managed the email! Yay me!

But the real brag is I’M A GOOD GIRLFRIEND. I baked Boyperson a pie, wrapped it up, wrote a letter, and shipped it with some coffee and chocolate covered espresso beans. Apparently he got it after a particularly crappy day at work so THANK YOU POSTAL SERVICE FOR THE ASSIST THERE. (Note: I live on an island. He lives on the other side of the ferry that comes here. I didn’t send this, like, down the road).

Anyone else care to brag about how awesome they are?