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Welcome To The Bitchery
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This is a mini rant

Subtext: I did not go to law school for this.

So, I'm back home on Martha's Vineyard working at my parent's coffee shop while studying for the bar (which I haven't told them I'm taking in February, not July, because I need money and need to work more than I can study).


Aside from the numerous "hon," "sweetie" "babe," and "cuties" I have to deal with on a daily basis (in addition to the random "sweet cheeks," which EW), the general stupidity of people... no stories good enough for Mr. Trout's Behind Closed Ovens, but BAH. "When did you stop making frappuccinos? When did you stop taking credit cards?" When did you stop doing that other thing that WE NEVER EVER EVER DID AND I KNOW BECAUSE I STARTED WORKING HERE IN 2001 WHEN I WAS 14. And after I inform said idiots that we never took credit cards, never made frappuccinos (or anything else like them), and never had an english muffin sandwich, "well you don't have to be so rude, it must have been before your time." I AM THE FREAKING NICEST PERSON YOU WILL EVER ENCOUNTER IN A COFFEE SHOP. MY REGULARS CALL ME THE HAPPY WAKEUP COFFEE GIRL. ONE TOLD ME THAT MY SMILE WOKE HIM UP BETTER THAN THE COFFEE (sweet old man who I'm friendly with, not creepy). I AM NOT RUDE. GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM AND STOP BOTHERING ME.

Okay, not so mini, but still.

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