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This is a nightmare UPDATED (tw: cancer)

UPDATE:My mom just got off the phone with the Oregon Health Plan and chemo is now approved. At least that's taken care of.

UPDATE II: I am probably going to be on the phone for the next few hours, so I'll try to reply to comments later.



My family is Californian. Everyone else in the family except me moved to Oregon 7 years ago (well I did for a year, went to Alaska, and came back.)


California has a different disability system. I started posting on GT while on disability leave for a foot and hip injury. It was easy. I received benefits in about two weeks.

Oregon does it through SSDI. So I applied for it when my dad got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a few weeks ago.


...and there's a five-month waiting period. No benefits until September.

This may be common knowledge and all of you think I should've known, but I had no reason to know this. I got better benefits for my fucking plantar fasciitis than my dad is getting for his fucking pancreatic cancer.


I also have filled out approximately a billion applications since the diagnosis, so I probably saw something about that and it just didn't register.

My dad might not live for five months. This is a disaster.

Also, my dad is still waiting on approval for the Oregon Health Plan, so he doesn't have proof of insurance for the moment. So he has gotten some IV drips, but no chemo.


What the fuck are you supposed to do about this? It's a nightmare on so many levels.

I can't even begin to deal with the fact that I am going to lose my dad, because there is so much of this shit happening.'


Please share the Gofundme link, if you can. Many people have been very generous, and I won't forget it. It's times like this in which I regret being such a weirdo loner.


Less depressing news:

  1. My work paid me for all of my time in Oregon, even though I blew through my vacation pay. I don't have a fun job, but I work for good people and I shouldn't forget that.
  2. I was telling my friend that he needs to trim his very curly hair because he is beginning to look like Sideshow Bob. Not 15 seconds later a group of young men drives by and one of them yells, "Woooooooooo, Sideshow Bob!"
  3. My husband is very cute.

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