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This is a PSA.

For anyone who is writing job postings.

Please, if you ever at ALL want qualified people to respond, do not include the phrase “Must have a thick skin” (the weird grammatical structure that may just be in my head but I think it looks weird was pulled directly from a REAL LIVE job listing). This is code for “you will be constantly verbally abused and expected to put up with it and smile!” I’m sure that’s not what you want a candidates first impression of you to be, even if it is what will happen! Don’t do it! At least pretend for a while that yours is a congenial workplace that someone with all the experience and skills you demand will actually want to work at!

Of course, if you also include the phrase “takes pride in their appearance” under your list of must-have qualifications, you are an asshole and should be ashamed, and I am no longer surprised that your listing has been on the job board for 30+ days.


I wish you luck finding someone who fits everything you demand, Group Who Will Remain Unnmamed, for that person is a unicorn and also possibly a saint.

That is all.

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