Welcome To The Bitchery

This is a sad week.

Our fantastic, sweet neighbors are moving. And the people that bought their house are... not sweet at all. Lower Crapovia is a small town and you always hear a lot of gossip. Most of the time the stories you hear are half bad, half good depending on who is doing the telling. With this couple it has been 99% bad with the one exception being my nephew's girlfriend and she likes EVERYONE.

We had gotten used to having friendly neighbors that we could trade favors with. In the 14 years we've lived here this has been the first family that just naturally does that sort of thing. They were always quiet, even with 4 kids. We had fun, neighborly conversations over the fence. It was sure fun while it lasted.

Now we're bordered by Crazy Nickelback Dude to the south (if I had 5k we'd have a privacy fence up pronto) and one of the biggest bitches in town to the north. Her bitchery is only rivaled by HER neighbor to the north - the supreme bitch my ex BIL left my sister for. Really, y'all, this is no exaggeration. Whenever anyone in LC talks about piss-poor human beings in general one or both names come up.


The interesting thing in this whole shitshow is I've learned these two can't stand each other. Complete hate. Much throwing of shade. Several confrontations in public. I don't know what every happened to start it all but folks say it is epic. I don't understand why our new neighbor would want to buy a house next door to her sworn enemy, but she did.

The icing on this crap cupcake is both have daughters (13) in the same class and the kids hate each other too. I see fuuuuuuuuuuun times ahead.

*insert your favorite popcorn gif here*

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