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This is a thing of beauty

Husband gave in and put the a/c in yesterday. 94% humidity was just too miserable to stand any longer. The good news is, we waited long enough that we don't have to pay any extra for it (if we put it in in June, it would have been $90 for the summer). The bad news is, we're supposed to take it out by September 1st (which is why we don't have to pay any extra for it). At least we get a week or so of less heat-and-humidity misery.

Kindly ignore the slightly gross whatever-that-is that dripped down the front. This is the most beautiful air conditioner ever. I am lying on the leather couch, watching The Emperor's New Groove, AND I AM NOT PERMANENTLY ONE WITH THE COUCH! I did not consider summer when we bought this living room set. I will not make that mistake again!


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