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This is a TMI lady post ETA/UPDATE

Vaginas will be discussed. I need to complain. I am discomfort.




**update 11:45 pm same day: I was prescribed diflucan (again) and told to take it in three days regardless. No doc visit. Only talk with doc on phone. Thanks to you all.... GT rocks



I have HAD it with my body. HAD IT.

I’ve had... I dunno... 5-6 yeast infections since July. ITS BEEN SIX FUCKING MONTHS OF ITCHING YOU GUYS. What the fuck.

It all started with your basic, hot weather yeast infection. (Yeah I know,air out the vag and all that... I prob came home from yoga and ate first instead). I’ve always been prone to yeast infections. Ewwwww gross, yadda yadda, I know. Whatever.

THEN, I got on a plane. THEN, I got prescribed a high dose antibiotic for a sinus infection that I had for a month. My vagina was like LOL HERE U GO BITCH.


So then I took more diflucan. THEN more. THEN gyno visit in October. More diflucan. Some nystatin for good measure. Been using that nystatin stuff for about a month now, hoping it’d go away. Nah dude. It’s here. I called the doc this am and wanted to climb thru the phone and shake her I HAVE BEEN ITCHING AND BURNING SINCE JULY PLZ HALP.

Oh yeah and we’re trying to get pregnant. Kinda hard to do with my current situation.

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