So. Mercedes or Audi sedan? WAIT, hear me out!

I pretty happily drive a 9 year old SUV. But it's a gas hog, two of my three kids have flown the coop and I'm down to one almost-senior in high school at home, so I have zero need for the space, and with my (paid for) trade I'm shopping in the very reasonable $25k range. So it's time to move to a new-to-me, lowish mileage older-person sedan. Womp-womp, woe is my poor privileged self.




Really, I'm just looking for basic impressions of Audi vs. Mercedes, bonus if you have/have had a newer model A4 or C300 (and up - I don't want a 250, I don't think).

We're going to do some extensive test-driving in the next few weekends, but I'm curious about first impressions of these cars.