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Open Discussion: Under The Skin

This is an open discussion on the film Under The Skin, and the eponymous book. Spoilers are welcome in the comments!

Under the Skin (2013)

When the plume of smoke rises above the forest canopy near the end of Under The Skin, Scarlett Johannsson's Alien has come full circle through the life cycle of a body snatcher. She is first given a human form by her minders, represented by proxy on Earth by a mysterious man who is never seen without his racing jacket and speed hump. Her beauty is undeniable; when her male victims are baited into her cove, they are so fixated on their arousal tthey drown themselves in extraterrestrial fluid voluntarily, eyes fixed on the Alien's form even as they crane back their heads sinking deeper into the pool. These men's instincts are more intent on preserving their visual connection with Scarlett Johannsson then breathing air.

The film abounds with subterfuge and metaphor. A female figure stalks men in a white van. In the Alien's (artificially constructed) eyes, men are esteemable for their vulnerability and eagerness. The Alien descends from a celestial cloud, takes on human form, and walks on water. Her form is of a young child-bearing age, yet she abandons a baby in order to drag off a human body she has preyed on. She finds the psychological and visceral components of being human (e.g. eating) impossible, but her undoing is tragic and compelling all the same.

-Big Gay Owl


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