Lo0k at this shit:

Is there anything more exhilarating than breathing? Something that screams LIVING more than the exercise of taking a breath in? Every breathe treasured, each counting another moment on this glorious planet. Another breathe of being human, another moment of existing, breathing, living, twisting, walking, running.

And now it is turned into a deadly weapon. twisted, our bodily functions, to kill us while we know. We know it’s us, our bodies, our inherent need to live that is killing us. Try to live, and you die. Now, it is taken from us, the will to survive. Try to live, and you will die. Try not to live,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.BREATHE AND DIE. BREATHE AND DIE. DIE AND KILL YOUR OWN BODY.

Is there anything more significant to life than air? To breathe something that may have once tinged beautiful memories, air which has pervaded each and every nook and cranny of our lives-whose cousin wind breaks even the coldest of hearts into smiles?

And now it is taken away, it’s existence once the joy 0f life, something that carried to us the fun of the senses-of smell. AIR SHALL KILL YOU. BREATHE! LET YOUR EXISTENCE BE ERASED.


Is there anything more peaceful than sleep? Something that makes us feel safer, something that nourishes us more? We slept in our mom’s laps, in our lover’s arms and even shared beds with friends who gave us such happiness. Did we not bond with our loves while we slept?

And now it is taken away, turned into death. Sleep and you will have peaceful dreams. No, SLEEP AND YOU SHALL BE ERASED.

Sleep. Breathe. AIR. Sleep. Breathe. Eyes getting drowsy. Mouth getting closed. Hand unable to move, while you kill yourself.