I can't stop crying after reading this. My heart is just breaking for this mom, this family, these kids.

There is so much I want to say right now, so many words fighting to get out, but I am afraid to say any of them.

All I can comfortably say is that I can't condone what she did, but I can understand and forgive. Caring for someone, especially a child, with mental illness and violent tendencies, autistic or not, is incredibly hard. It is draining, emotionally, mentally, physically. It wears at your very soul. It's the worst kind of abuse, because you can't ever leave. You can't walk away. There is no out, no end in sight. It's incredibly hard to even talk about in today's culture of mother-worship/mother-blaming.

I may remove everything but the link to the story later. I'm sorry for dragging everyone down :/