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This is completely off-topic ("brainchips")

I've been thinking lately. I've been thinking about technology lately. Lately I've specifically been thinking about how fast technology is progressing. Lately I've been thinking more specifically about the inevitability of the "brainchip" lately. Lately lately lately. You know, a chip in your brain that holds personal information - SS#, driver's license info, passport, bank account info, etc... - and has the ability to connect you to the internet with control via your thoughts. This is obviously a ways off, but something comparable will probably exist at some point.

Something about that seems so crazy and kinda unsettling to me. I don't have very much about what I do, or have, or where I go that I care to keep private, but something like that seems like it has the possibility to take away all privacy period. In the end, that's an issue that will be broached as the technology emerges, I'm just saying a part of me would be reluctant to install into myself something like that.


However, at the same time, I think how odd it is that many from my grandparents generation (all my grandparents were born in the '20's) refuse to embrace new technology out of some weird "this wasn't the way it was back then" pride-fulness. (Obviously a blanket statement, I know) The thing is: I don't want to be like that. So I'm swallowing my pride right now and have decided that should the "brainchip" emerge into existence in my lifetime I'm getting that shit. Just to spit my grandchildren* in an attempt to stay relevant.

That decision just got me thinking about possible cool practical benefits of such a device being completely integrated into society. One of the coolest thoughts I had was that if everyone had one of these things, everyone could be automatically tagged in every picture. So if you happen to be walking by in the background of someone else's picture you would be automatically notified that you were in the frame of that camera's shot. Obviously something like that would bring up big privacy issues and things again since its use could get terribly out of hand, but in a perfect world where everyone is happy and loves one another I think it'd be sweet to have this giant backlog of random pics of you in day to day life.


That's all I got. Who else is gonna get the "brainchip" with me? haha

*on a side note: I think it's so funny, considering the rate technology is progressing, that my potential grandkids would find it hilarious I ever came into actual physical contact with an interface. "You used a keyboard grandpa?!??!" lol

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