Now. As I announced on IRC. I am graduating law school employed. I just got a job offer in my field; specifically the one near New Orleans. It's a very good salary, and the work is the type of public interest work that I have loved since starting my legal career/education. I have not accepted yet, as I would like to visit New Orleans first and wait for some other offices to get back to me, so I can make an informed decision. Like most people who just got their first offer out of school, or first offer anywhere really, I'm ecstatic and delighted.

This is a particularly special moment for me. A special moment for anyone who gets their first job in this legal market. Specifically anyone who decided to go to law school post- 2008 (or any humanities or non-engineering/medical/science degree really). This is the moment, where I get to shove it in the face of the Haters.

I have spent the last three years of my life being told I wasn't good enough to get a job, my grades weren't good enough to get a job, and that I was a complete idiot for having the audacity to follow my dreams.

So to begin, here is my special little dedication to all the piles of shit who have given me crap about my decision to become an attorney. There are a lot of them. Naturally, this being Groupthink, will involve gifs.

To the professors in undergrad who tried telling me I was an idiot for getting a JD and not a PHD:


To the friends in undergrad who made fun of me for my decision to go to law school:

To the unhelpful engineering and computer science friends who acted like they were superior to me, and tried to tell me I was wrong about everything I had to say about the law despite three years of legal internships and education, all because they studied science (If you can't even define an independent federal agency, I really don't care about your big government theories mmmk):


To the friends who acted like I had less of a chance to get a job than them, when they had MFA's:

To all those who kept trying to talk me out of Public Interest law because it makes less money:


To the asshole at law school who couldn't understand why a "smart rich white girl" would want to do Public Interest law, fully aware I am a transgender man ( Oh yeah, he dropped out):

To the fuckers who tried making me feel bad for not being in the top 15% of my class(PS IT DIDN'T WORK):


To the law professor who refused to act as a reference because I wasn't in that said top 15% of the class:

And mostly, to everyone who continuously criticized my decision to go to law school, well aware I've wanted to be an attorney since I was little:


That's right. I saved the Mr. Rogers finger just for you.

And, this one is for everyone that supported me (including you Groupthink):


P.S. Let's meet up in New Orleans ;)