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This is exactly how a feminist publication SHOULDN'T respond to Sky Ferreira's arrest

Earlier today, news broke that singer-model Sky Ferreira and her boyfriend, DIIV frontman Zachary Cole Smith, were arrested early Saturday morning for drug possession. Cops found a substantial amount of heroin in the couple's car — which allegedly bore stolen plates — and ecstasy on Ferreira's person.

Discussion of the arrests has been split, with a frightening majority of people (AKA: Music fans, AKA: Idiots on Twitter) taking the opportunity to poke fun at Smith and Ferreira's misfortune. The other half of the conversation, mostly led by other musicians and music critics, has chosen to focus on reminding others that obvious addiction — especially an addiction to something as serious as heroin — isn't anything to take lightly, no matter how privileged or "stupid" the individuals in question may be.

So, when feminist magazine BUST decided to enter the aforementioned conversation, one would reasonably assume the publication would err on the side of discretion. But, dear friends, this is the Internet — and things never play out as tastefully as we would like:


(Image credit @hernameisali)

Ah yes — because the best thing to do when a popular female star is arrested for drug possession is to make her the butt of a very, very bad joke. Yup, any wealthy lady battling addiction is just trying to get some bad-ass street cred, Miley Cyrus style.

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