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This is gross

Don't say I didn't warn you. No pictures, just a fun description.

I've had kind of a low grade cold thing for the past couple days that is a bit of a chest cough and a lot of being suuuper tired. It also is around when I'm ovulating, which amps up my emotional reactions. I've been resting most of the day, checking in online, and the news from Marysville, WA sent me into weepies all day. How do you manage to raise a child and keep your sanity? There is so much horrible shit in the world. My anxiety is mercifully rare these days, but when it was bad, it almost always latched onto "hey, have you thought about this incredibly improbable but truly terrible thing that could happen to your children?" I homeschool primarily because the schools are shit where we are, but also because I'm scared of all the what-ifs.

The point of this is, the world decided I'd had enough self pitying for the day and gave me something to do. Something the kids had been grazing on today made them both sick. The older one was in the bathroom (we only have one bathroom!) with diarrhea when he calls to me that his stomach hurts. I'm trying to rush the small trash can to him, but I didn't make it. He tried to cover his mouth with his hands, but that just made everything spray through his fingers. As I'm trying to clean that up, I hear the little one in the living room making uncomfortable noises and turn the corner to see him grabbing at his stomach. I hustle him into the bathroom, the older one is now in the shower, cleaning off residual vomit. I try to sit the little one on the toilet in case he has to have coverage of both ends as well, but he didn't want to. So he's leaning against the cabinet doors, still very uncomfortable with the pre-puke feeling, and he passes out. Y'all, it's a little scary to see a 3.5yo pass out. He just slid down to the floor and came right to, but jeebus. A minute later, he joined the puke party. One parent, one bathroom, two sick kids. The best part is that the last thing they had to snack on was bananas and hard boiled eggs.


This story has been brought to you by Planned Parenthood of America*- don't forget to take your birth control!

*not really

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