Go to New Orleans on a womens trip with 7 other ladies. The one you share a room with goes off the rails in a drunken, bat shit crazy tirade. Get up at 6 am, change your flight to the tune of an extra $200 and vacate the room before she wakes up. Leave the charge for the hotel on your own credit card, even though you are leaving 3 days early, because you are a decent human being. Receive the e~mail invoice and notice charges for porn movies, room service and bar tabs on the days you weren’t there. Ask for her half of the bill. She sends a check and stops payment on it. Ask 2 more times over the course of nearly a year and she curses you out saying she owes you nothing. File a small claims suit in your county court. Receive this letter in a UPS overnight envelope:

I swear, you can’t make this shit up. By the way, I received a check from her today as well, and promptly cashed it.