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This is incredible

This here is why we need a criminal justice system focused on education and rehab.

I listen to a podcast called Fugitive Waves, and their most recent episode has me angry because what is happening here is what needs to be happening in American prisons.

In San Quentin there is an inmate named Curtis Carroll, and he calls himself Wall Street. He is seving a 50+ year sentence for a burglary that ended in murder. He entered prison as a 17-year-old illiterate young man; he now teaches the prison financial literacy course and advises inmates on how to invest in the stock market, which many of them do through their families on the outside. COs and officers regularly pick his brain for investment advice; he reads 500-600 articles weekly. He memorizes stock information and makes predictions about certain stocks’ performance and watches them like a hawk. The man is totally fascinating, and this is what we need to be fostering in prisons; inmates need to be taught things that will help them on the outside. Tell me what you think!


The episode is only about 15 mins.

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